Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Lot Going On Here

Sculpting is awesome, guys. It's like the best thing ever. Anyway, this one was quite the endeavor and parts of it really pleased me and other parts fell short. It's a perfect metaphor for life, or something.

The goal was to create an engaging but evolutionarily believable animal. I enjoy a more animated look, so the combination got me something like a very, very texturally detailed cartoon character.

This is one that looks better in Real Life. It turned out there was no way to shoot this without getting his head in front of that very crowded turtle shell. I took that into account when making Trojan (scroll down or see right) who photographs beautifully. A lot of times, simpler is better.
The Hildyfoo (yes) plants a garden in his shell as an adolescent. He uses it to impress the ladies, in hopes that when he grows up to be a big island they will live there. Mmm, nature.

The sculpt is of him hunting materials for his garden. The surprise rat in the tree is just bonus.

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