Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Falling Out of Cars with Boys

Five guys, one house, no money. It's a story many of us are familiar with, and by "us," I clearly mean "aspiring artists." The Leftovers is a rip-rollicking tale of love, loss and the unmarked crap you find in styrafoam containers in the back of your fridge.

These are a few of the pages. Pencilled inked and toned by yours truly, unless you have a problem with it, in which case the inker TOTALLY killed my pages, man.

I split a lot of my time between graphic novelling (heretofore referred to as "Granoveling") and sculpting and finding things to eat, so work on this has been touch and go. However, it will eventually have its own site.


  1. The blog looks great, mel! Tons of cool stuff, most of I have never seen. Hope you get lots of visitors!

  2. And those comic pages look great, lots of kinetic action, the tones really help the art. Love the dude in the glasses!